Spiritual Weight Loss: Choose Happy Course

Unlock the potential for spiritual weight loss with The Choose Happy course - a transformative method that will revolutionize your approach to food and well-being. Through 6 powerful video modules and a comprehensive workbook, you will embark on a journey to understand why you eat and break free from emotional eating. This mini-course, derived from our acclaimed 9-week program "The BellaBody," is designed to transform your body, mind, and soul one bite at a time. By making a simple lifestyle change before your next meal, you can say goodbye to dieting, calorie counting, and endless exercise routines. Discover the joy of losing weight effortlessly by delving into the reasons behind your eating habits.


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Choose Happy" mini-course

When you enroll in the "Choose Happy" mini-course, you'll gain access to 9 secrets that will empower you to:
1. Break free from emotional eating with a simple 4-step process 2. Differentiate between eating for sustenance and eating to cope with pain 3. Overcome secretive eating habits 4. Resist using comfort foods as emotional crutches 5. Master portion control and avoid overeating 6. Understand the harmful effects of overeating 7. Identify signs of secretive eating patterns 8. Learn about the dangers of excess weight on your health 9. Treat your body with goodness following God's path


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